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Talia Faramo

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I've been there, so I understand.

I made it, and you can too.

Hi my name is Talia. I started my Journey back in July of 2014. No kids and one year into my marriage. Everyday life felt hard for me. My mental health had suffered for years and now finally being out of college and in the real world, I was starting to feel the physical repercussions. Heres the hard part, I didnt know how to fix it. The gym was something I did when I was having a good day, and healthy food to me was a light salad, which left me with zero energy. It felt like an unsolvable puzzle.

When I made the decision to get a coach,, I knew it was what I needed to do it right.. After my first 30 days, I was SHOCKED at how incredible I felt....I felt FREEDOM and HOPE. This 1000% HAD to be shared because I knew there were others like me.......I realized, I had a NEW MISSION!


After deciding to become a coach myself, my husband and I were talking about starting a family. Growing up, I always wanted to help with kids and dreamed of raising boys into good men, or maybe even a mini me, but when the time approached, I was absolutely terrified to have them. Before Coaching, my health was a mess and my biggest fear was hearing my kids say, " mom wasnt around much, she was always tired, sleeping or sick." That broke me.

After Leo was born I had many of the same fears every new mom has. Will I ever feel like myself again? Will I feel good in my own skin again? and now....how am I going to incorporate these new habits with a baby in the mix? Day by day, utilizing 30 minute at home workouts and a clean eating meal plan, and surrounding myself with a positive community of people, I was able to make IT ALL HAPPEN!! X2! with both leo and Gio! I didnt have much weight to lose, but I did gain a six pack (which I had never had and thought I would never have especially after babies), and tons of memories and playtime, how? because of the endless energy I feel everyday and crushing that fear of not being able to be there for them they way they needed me! Yes! It is possible!!

Part of my original mission is to show other women and moms that this healthy lifestyle IS possible, EVEN with kids. You just have to be brave enough to find out what you are truly capable of and that true living is freedom in your health.


Not only have I been able to CREATE FREEDOM in my everyday life, I have been able to make it into a BUSINESS!

A business where I wake up every morning to purposeful work outside of just being mom. Helping people create courageous mindsets towards health and wellness and living out freedom in their everyday lives.

Not to mention, creating an additional source of wealth for our family! . I am able to be a PRESENT Mom and pass down critical life skills to my kids, and help other moms create that same legacy!

Motherhood is an incredible gift, but if you feel that pull for extra purpose, like you were made for more, Im here to tell you, its ALL POSSIBLE friend! Being mom, loving wife, a CEO, all of it! You CAN build a beautiful business right from home, with your kiddos; and if you are a dreamer like me? Let this business FUEL those dreams!

With ALOT of heart + some determination, I can show you how!

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